Racing pro, Kids' champion, Arts patron

Roman Ziemian


Roman Ziemian, born on September 27, 1973, in Jelenia Góra, Poland, is a well-known Polish racing driver, staunch advocate for children’s rights, and a passionate supporter of music and the arts. Growing up just an hour away from Wrocław, Ziemian pursued his musical interests at the Jelenia Góra School of Music, followed by further education at the School of the Arts and Crafts.

At the young age of 19, Roman left his home country to chase his dreams in the fields of music, motorsports, and child advocacy. He relocated to Germany, where he collaborated with prestigious German corporations like BASF, SIEMENS, RAIFAISEN Bank, Skanska, and HEILT + Woerner. His career also led him to work with companies across various European nations, including France, Austria, Cyprus, Poland, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

As the CEO and President of multiple European firms, Ziemian developed a deep understanding of managing diverse teams, consisting of employees from different nationalities and cultures. Roman is highly regarded for his exceptional interpersonal skills and natural charisma, which resonate with people from all walks of life.

His lifelong passion for motorsports saw him competing and winning in both F1 and GT races across Europe. In 2018, he established the motorsport team Racing and F1 Cooperation, which participates in numerous racing events, such as the Lamborghini Super Trofeo and the GT4 European Series.

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Roman Ziemian:
The Rise of a Polish Ferrari Challenge Driver


We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transform in 2020


We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transform in 2020

Professional Career

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ARTS 85%




6H Abu Dhabi Yas Racing Series: Team Baron Motorsport Ferrari 488 GT3 – 1st Place
Coppa Shell of the Ferrari Challenge Europe – 1st Place
Portimao of the Ferrari Challenge Coppa Shell – 2nd Place
Ferrari Challenge Europe Coppa Shell, Italy – 1st place
International GT Open Monza – 12th place



Roman Ziemian Brings The Exceptional Stradivarius Violin To Poland After World War II!”.

For many years, Roman Ziemian has been a dedicated supporter of Polish culture, an advocate for native artists, a noble patriot, and a respected citizen of Poland. His contributions to the arts are particularly noteworthy, as seen in his acquisition of a violin made by Antonio Stradivari in 1685. By handing this historic instrument over to the skilled violinist Janusz Wawrowski, Ziemian not only revived the long-standing Polish violin tradition but also helped catapult the Polish musician onto the international classical music stage.

The tradition Ziemian revived dates back to 1715 when King August II ordered a dozen or so instruments from the renowned violin maker Stradivari. Unfortunately, none of those instruments survived. The last known Stradivarius violins in Poland were lost during World War II, and in the subsequent 50 years of communist rule, the country was unable to allocate funds to replenish its collection of world-class instruments. By purchasing the Stradivarius violin, Ziemian bridged this gap and played a significant role in rekindling Poland’s cultural heritage.

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Charity Activities


Roman holds a special affection for children.

His mission is to support children in need of medical attention who cannot afford the cost of treatment.

Roman tirelessly works to generate funds that enable more children to receive essential medical treatments worldwide. Below is a selection of the children whom Roman has helped obtain medical or surgical care.

Frequently Asked Question​

Roman Ziemian, a newcomer to the Ferrari Challenge Europe and a member of the Octane 126 team, joins us this week on “Fast Lane.” The Polish driver shares insights into his life and interests, which, in addition to Ferrari and motorsports, extend to a deep appreciation for classical music.

I spent considerable time competing in semi-professional racing categories with various cars.

I would have relished the opportunity to race in Abu Dhabi. I often spend parts of the year in Dubai, so racing there would have felt like a home event for me. Regarding my favorite circuit, I’d have to pick Mugello at the moment. Despite some setbacks on the Italian track, I genuinely enjoyed it.

I have a deep affection for classical music. My education at the conservatory has led to many friendships with individuals who are now musicians or composers. The violin, in particular, holds a special place in my heart. However, I must confess that I also enjoy a healthy dose of rock and pop music.